Update: SliderPlus 1.3.2 with full width sliders

SliderPlus v1.3.2 is out and allows full width slideshows and quite a few other new features, changes and fixes.
You can see a demo of the full width slideshow here: http://demos.pizazzwp.com/sliderplus-demo/sliderplus-demo-full-width/

Other highlights of v1.3.2 are it supports the new  WordPress embedded videos from you local server, navigation can now be position over the slides, slideshows should stay hidden until fully rendered and much more.


ADDED: Option for full width slideshows. Please read the help text with this option
ADDED: Support for local videos using WP’s new video shortcode format http://codex.wordpress.org/Video_Shortcode
ADDED: Option to always show hover navigation. This was done by changing the option that to hide it
ADDED: WP-Updates support for non-Headway sites
ADDED: Option for top or bottom navigation to appear floated over the slideshow rather than above or below
ADDED: Option to disable linking of content titles
ADDED: Option to randomise the display order of the slides, irrespective of what “Order by” is selected.
ADDED: Info message to Slideshow list page.

CHANGED: When “Mouseover” navigation selected, clicking nav will link to post/page or slide destination
CHANGED: Removed update notice
CHANGED: SliderPlus block will stay hidden until page fully drawn. This prevents the ugly look before the block turns into a slider.
CHANGED: Using global resizer

FIXED: Heaps of notices in PHP 5.4 strict mode
FIXED: Small js error when navigating slides with videos.
FIXED: Sliders not showing in Visual Editor
FIXED: Design mode styling of content titles not working
FIXED: Borders and shadows not wrapping around the slider
FIXED: Titles and content missing sometimes
FIXED: Only 10 Slideshows showing in block selector