TabsPlus 1.5.5 update with IDX and RSS support

Last week saw a couple of updates to TabsPlus. Look for the latest in WP Admin plugin updates, or download directly via WP Admin > PizazzWP menu

The big new feature addition is you can now use RSS feeds as the content source.

For real estate agents who have access something like an IDX RSS feed, this gives you a great new way to display property listings, as this example image shows:


Full changelogs

1.5.5 : 31-July-2013
FIXED: Mouseover not working in Firefox. After many hours coding and googling, still unable to fix, so implemented a hack that makes tabs clickable instead in Firefox

1.5.4 : 31-July-2013
ADDED: Content type of RSS feeds. Useful for real estate listings from IDX services that use RSS feeds
FIXED: Alignment issue with thumbs in tabs