Swiss Army Block 1.6.2 update

Last week saw a small update to the Swiss Army Block. Look for it in WP Admin plugin updates, or download it directly from WP Admin > PizazzWP menu.


1.6.2 : 28-July-2013
CHANGED: Default block title in RELATED POSTS block to “Other posts in these terms”
CHANGED: Allowed block title in RELATED POSTS to included %terms%
FIXED: Email only showing as text in AUTHOR block

In case you missed other recent updates that quietly went through in July, here’s the changelogs for those, including v1.6.0 which added yet another block to SAB, which means it’s now “12-in-1”! (10 blocks, and 2 extensions):

1.6.1 : 7 July 2013
FIXED: Layout problems with DOCUMENTS block in Firefox
ADDED: Option to align icons/images in ICONS & IMAGES block
FIXED: DOCUMENTS block options disappeared in WP admin

1.6.0 : 03-July-2012
ADDED: New block TABLE OF CONTENTS for displaying a list of links to content on the current page

This image shows a table of contents block which is set to activate on mouseover the block title.