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PizazzWP provides several Headway 3 compatible plugin blocks for sale.

In the near future, PizazzWP will also begin selling plugins that are compatible with any WordPress theme.

Headway compatible blocks

Container Block, a block within the Swiss Army Block, was rejected by the Headway store (it does involve some hacks and black magic) so I will have to re-evaluate its future.

Well, a change off heart on discontinuing ContainerPro. It will still be discontinued in trs current form and name, but will be reborn at some stage as new block with other functionality.

For those with ContainerPro already, support for it will be provided via the Headway forums.

I don’t have a time frame for this to happen thought, it could be weeks, it could be months. The first priority is getting completely on top of managing support for all the Pizazz plugins. Existing owners of ContainerPro will be automatically cross-graded to the new block.

In the meantime…

Recently, Andy Neale of Headway Labs released a block that will do some of the things ContainerPro could.

Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a block that does things such as allowing mixed blocks with the same background stylings.

Check it out on Headway Extend.