Pizazz shop is moving to Freemius eCommerce platform


With the imminent release of Architect v1.10, I am moving to the online sales platform provided by Freemius.

Previously I was using Easy Digital Downloads. The reason for move is simply Freemius provides more features and in a single package, with much simpler licesing.

Currently, only Architect has been migrated, but the others will follow.

For existing Architect licence holders, if you bought form the Pizazz shop, the transition should be smooth and automatic. When you install the update, it will handle the migration.

I know… famous last words!

However, I have done testing on many of my own sites, as well as some beta testers without any problems, as it wil use your old Pizazz shop licence. Therefore, if required to enter it, that is the licence to enter.

The only “problem” encountered so far is you may need to re-activate Architect in the plugins page.

I have made a small change to the unlimited licence, increasing it from $99/yr to $119, and its lifetime price also rises from $249 to $299.

Furthermore, the other licence levels now have a lifetime option. $99 for the Personal (2 sites) and $199 for the Business (4 sites)

If you encounter any problems, contact me at support@pizazzwp.com

Headway users

If you purchased your Architect licence through Headway, you will not be affected by this as long as you use Headway as your theme. However, as previously posted, you should contact me to migrate from the Headway Extend store licence to a Pizazz shop licence.

Pizazz uses and recommends FastComet for web hosting.

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