News: Submit your Pizazz powered site for a showcase

Even better than the new testimonials, we are setting up a showcase to show off the best examples of websites using the PizazzWP plugins.

You can submit your site on the submissions page or in the form below.

As always with these things, we can’t guarantee every submission will be included in the showcase.

Submit a site for the showcase

If you have a site or page to show off that is using PizazzWP plugins, then submit it here and we will review it and consider it for our showcase.

  • Enter details about your site.

  • Add some tags to help categorise your site, and make it easier for people searching. Tags could beindustry, profession, city,state, country, predominant colours of the site, etc
  • Please upload a small screenshot of your site to help show it off. Keep images to 320x240px. If it’s bigger or smaller, we may not use it.