ExcerptsPlus 3.3.0 brings easy display of custom fields

ExcerptsPlus 3.3.0 is the only content block for Headway that lets you easily display custom fields!

Previously you could (and still can) display custom fields in ExcerptsPlus meta fields (and probably Content block meta fields) provided you know a bit of PHP coding.

ExcerptsPlus now brings the display of custom fields to everyone.

In the “Cell Structure” tab for the ExcerptsPlus block, you’ll now see an extra three content options for Custom Fields Groups.



And then you’ll see an new tab “Custom Fields” where you can set which fields display in each group. You can also set the HTML element to wrap each field in, a link to field, and prefix and suffix text and images/icons.



And for an example of how it might be used, here is how we it looks on Pasadena Views upcoming website redesign



Of course, the only caveat is the custom fields to display must actually be a part of the post type you are displaying  content from.

ExcerptsPlus continues to grow in power and flexibility and I find on websites I build it is indispensable, and I rarely use the stock standard Headway Content block.

It is a misnomer now that it’s called ExcerptsPlus as it displays a lot more than excerpts. It really should be called ContentPlus.

Watch out for updates in WP Plugins, or manually in PizazzWP > About & Support