Changed to FreshDesk for support

After two weeks of solid research and evaluation, I have decided to switch my support system from ZenDesk to FreshDesk

The single biggest advantage of this logging a support request is as simple as sending an email to How easy is that?!

You can also use the Support button on the left which has been changed to log request to the FreshDesk system.

If you prefer, you can still log into the ticket system and manage and monitor your tickets there. For that, got to

I have been working to change the contact methods on this site and in the blocks and plugins. I hope to have an update out for all of them this week which will chnage over the About & Support page in the WP admin area to use FreshDesk.

Tickets that do get sent to ZenDesk will still be answered by us.

Any tickets replies sent by us from ZenDesk from now on will automatically set a reply address into the new FreshDesk system.

Knowledge base

One other seriously awesome thing with FreshDesk is it has an excellent knowledge base add on that integrates in to the support request form (click the red Support button and see!)

At the moment though, I have only two articles in there, and links to the online guides, so you won’t get many hits on most searches at the moment. (Try searching “updates” or “guide”)


Keep an eye on them though because we will be expanding them and hopefully you’ll find less need to log a support request.

You can also access the Solution knowledge base at

We hope that these changes will improve our provision of support services even more.


While I write, I must also welcome on board Influx who are a professional WordPress support team. They provide support services to WordPress developers and designers to help them stay on top of support. For me, that means freeing up more time to spend on improving existing or developing new plugins.

Influx was established by Mikey De Wildt, developer of the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin, which has been downloaded three quarters of a million times! Through that, he discovered how difficult it is for small WP devs to provide consistent and through support, while still enhancing and developing their plugins or themes. Thus Influx was born.

Influx have been with me now for about seven weeks, and have been a resounding success. They are very good at what they do, with a very thorough training process for anyone who works in their team. So when you see a ticket replied from “Influx WP Support Professionals” that’s the who and why.