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HeaderPlus update 1.1.2 – Panoramas added

For those who like to get their readers to linger a little longer on their site, I’ve added a sweet new feature to HeaderPlus allowing you to show an image in your header as a scrolling panorama. You can see it in action on the PizazzWP site Look for HeaderPlus v1.1.2 in your plugin updates… Continue Reading

Auto updating, no more PizazzWP plugin and latest news

WP Auto Updating Finally I have managed to get the WP auto updating working with my plugins. By default, WP only checks for updates to plugins hosted on its own servers. Therefore I’ve had to search the internet for code to show the “Update available” message for my plugins which are hosted elsewhere. After much… Continue Reading

Bug fix: Content not showing full width of blocks

If you are noticing that content an any of the blocks is not filling the width of the block, this has been identified as a bug in the Headway code. Version 3.1.2 should be out soon with the fix included. The circumstances where this happens is if your page is wider than 940px, and so… Continue Reading

PizazzWP plugin

UPDATE 15 April, 2011: PizazzWP plugin is no longer available as it now comes  built-in to each of the other plugins.   PizazzWP also includes a few useful shortcodes for: MailTo shortcode: Obfuscates email addresses. Related Posts shortcode: Shows related posts. WebSnap shortcode: Show a snaphot of a webpage. Donate shortcode: Adds a PayPal donate link. Private Content shortcode Makes… Continue Reading

Container Pro released

Container Pro increases your layout options by providing a means to nest blocks in a container. As of Headway 3.1, the nesting of blocks using ContainerPro to avoid layout issues should no longer required. However, it does still provide other advantages that Headway cannot. Firstly, it adds more design flexibility, allowing, for instance two blocks… Continue Reading

Special Offer! 4 for 3 deal

Four Plus Blocks Deal To celebrate the release of the awesome new Header+ block, I have a deal going whereby if you buy Excerpts+, Gallery+ and Tabs+, I will include Header+ for free! That’s a 100% saving on Header+!! (Okay – a bit of spin there… It’s an 11% saving overall – which is still… Continue Reading

Header+ released

Header+ provides a header block for Headway 3 with some often requested header features. Features Rotating images Show titles in front of images Titles area background with opacity and full colour Rounded corners on images Vertical alignment of images within the header Titles area horizontal alignment – left, right and centre Titles area vertical alignment… Continue Reading