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Before you could even get ExcerptsPlus, I had a new version ready to go – with a couple of key fixes, and some neat additions. FIXED: Quick read CSS missing ADDED: Quick read formatting to Design mode ADDED: Image border styling to Design Mode ADDED: Option for fixed height cells when displaying excerpts By… Continue Reading

Updates to everything!

All five blocks received updates today. ContainerPro should appear in your WP updates within a day, and ExcerptsPlus, GalleryPlus, HeaderPlus and TabsPlus in the next couple of days once Headway gets them vetted and uploaded. Here’s some of the changes ExcerptsPlus v2.9.9.1206 CHANGED: Margin above bullets in slider is now 10px CHANGED: Added max-width to… Continue Reading

SliderPlus beta testers wanted

Hi all I’m trying to push ahead with SliderPlus and get it out the door. The thing I really need now is some good beta testers. Anyone who thinks they can break SliderPlus, and/or identify areas for improvement, please log a ticket at requesting a beta copy. I’d really like to get SliderPlus out… Continue Reading

Headway marketplace is back!

Today saw the relaunch of the Headway marketplace, Headway Extend. From now on you can buy ExcerptsPlus, GalleryPlus, HeaderPlus and TabsPlus from Headway Extend. And the best thing is you can access Headway Extend right from within the new Headway 3.2, also released today. Note: ContainerPro will still be available here for the time being. Continue Reading

Updates to ExcerptsPlus, GalleryPlus, HeaderPlus and TabsPlus

Today I released updates for ExcerptsPlus, GalleryPlus, HeaderPlus and TabsPlus that mostly brings them up to full compatibility with Headway’s soon to be opened marketplace. Look for the update links in your WP admin plugins area where you can also view the changelogs for each of them. The new versions are: ExcerptsPlus: 2.9.6 GalleryPlus: 1.5.6 HeaderPlus:… Continue Reading

SliderPlus – coming soon!

PizazzWP SliderPlus, a new plugin for Headway (both version 3 and version 2) and other WordPress themes, will provide a clean, customizable content slider with support for displaying text, images and videos, with content sources from posts, pages and SlidePlus slides. There’s now a little demo of it at the top of the right-hand column… Continue Reading

ExcerptsPlus updated to 2.9.1

Have just released an update of ExcerptsPlus which addresses some layout bugs: FIXED: Missing author’s gravatar CHANGED: Tidied up Quick read button FIXED: Quick read formatting FIXED: Layout issues with embedded SliderPlus sliders. It should appear in your WP plugin updates in the next 12 hours. Continue Reading

HeaderPlus 1.1.3 released

HeaderPlus 1.1.3 is out and has two bug fixes: In Internet Explorer, the titles background was showing as a blue gradient if you select Transparent as the back ground colour. The link in the header to the homepage was broken Notification of this update should appear in your WP plugins listing. Continue Reading