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All blocks updated

Last week saw updates for all the PizazzWP blocks. Key features and changes were: ExcerptsPlus Select from multiple content types Filter by any taxonomy Display image captions Option to scale images. Get ExcerptsPlus on Headway Extend GalleryPlus Removed limit on number of images in a post before displaying in a gallery. Get GalleryPlus on Headway… Continue Reading

New block: Swiss Army Block

Have just sent the new Swiss Army Block off to Headway. Look for it on Headway Extend in the next few days. Swiss Army Block is a collection of smaller but very useful blocks that each do one simple task in a Headway block form, making your website design and development easier. Currently it consists… Continue Reading

Coming soon – Swiss Army Block

Recently had a need for a simple block to perform a simple function. That triggered a wealth of ideas of simple blocks that on their own wouldn’t necessarily even be released, but put them together… and you’ve got a Swiss Army Block! It also gave me an answer about what to do with the poor… Continue Reading

SliderPlus update – v1.0.7

SliderPlus v1.0.7 has just been sent off to Headway for release. One of the most exciting additions to it is the option to use WordPress image galleries, including the ability to use those in the currently viewed post or page. Here’s a complete change log v1.0.7 : 15-Aug-2012 FIXED: Hover nav not reshowing after disabling… Continue Reading

SliderPlus v1.0.5 released

Widgets, two new themes and more help are just a few of things in the latest SliderPlus, v1.0.5, which I’ve just pushed out. Headway should roll it out in the next day or so. Here’s a comprehensive list of recent changes. v1.0.5 – 1-Aug-2012 HELP: Added “Usage” section in SliderPlus Slideshow listing screen HELP: Various… Continue Reading

SliderPlus released!

After quite a long development cycle, SliderPlus is here! It can create many different slideshow types, such as featured content sliders, product showcases, image sliders, video slideshows, post and page sliders, advertising banners and much more Slideshows are configured in the WP admin and then can be embedded into posts and pages using a very… Continue Reading

SliderPlus demo video is up

After many months, many long days, and many long nights, SliderPlus is really, really close to release. I have put together a demo video showing a little bit of how to use it and a little bit about what it can do. SliderPlus Slideshow plugin for WordPress and Headway on Vimeo. My hope is it… Continue Reading

ContainerPro has been discontinued

ContainerPro has been discontinued.¬†For those with ContainerPro already, support for it will be provided via the Headway forums. ContainerPro served a very useful purpose for the last several months, but was only ever intended as a temporary solution – hence the low price. Recently, Andy Neale of Headway Labs released a block that is like… Continue Reading