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Architect 1.6 is out with Beaver Builder module

For all those who found Architect and Beaver Builder great partners, it’s even easier now with Architect’s own module.

Architect Beaver Builder module


New features: Packed masonry and scaled images

If you look at that image, you’ll also notice the two other new features of Architect 1.6.

In Image Cropping, you can now choose to scale the images, rather than crop them. These are best utilised when displaying the featured image within the content, or in the new Packed Masonry mode in Masonry settings.

Masonry mode in Architect sticks to the column arrangement you’ve set, so the masonry effect is only vertical. With Packed Masonry mode it ignores the columns, and packs both vertically and horizontally.

Why Beaver Builder and Architect?

Some people wonder why Beaver and Architect. Beaver already has modules that do sliders, grids, accordions and tabbed.

Architect’s aim is to give you as much control as possible. It is a power tool for power users. It is firstly aimed at professional site builders. (It has also proved very popular with DIYers.)

Beaver’s modules are limited, and quite rightly. They are to get you started, and will satisfy most DIYers. But when you need more, when you need fine control, when you need to answer questions like, “How do I show custom fields?”, “Can I link the whole panel to the post?”, “Can I use any date format?”, “Can I have numbers/thumbs/titles as navigation for sliders?” and so on, that’s when you need Architect.

I am hearing many clients are finding Headway, Beaver Builder, and Architect gives them the complete toolkit for building websites

ExcerptsPlus 3.4.12

Also just released is ExcerptsPlus 3.4.12. This has an important fix in it for pagination that stopped working with WP 4.4.


A reminder, that if you need to make online documentation, do check out my new plugin, Codex, which is available on Code Canyon.

All Pizazz plugins updated

With Architect now settled down, I finally had a chance to roll out updates for all the Pizazz plugins. As promised, all plugins will continue to be maintained. Mostly changes are tweaks and bugs fixes. Look for the following updates in your WP admin plugins area soon: ExcerptsPlus 3.4.9 GalleryPlus 1.7.6 SliderPlus 1.4.0 (Now supports… Continue Reading

All blocks updated

This week sees updates released for all the PizazzWP blocks. You will notice a difference when you install them. They will ask you to install the PizazzWP Libraries plugin. Keep an eye on your WP plugins page for the updates. Any issues, let us know at Hostgator hassles It’s become apparent Hostgator won’t allow you… Continue Reading

Update: ExcerptsPlus 3.4.1

ExcerptsPlus 3.41 has been released with quite a few changes. One of the bigger changes is the tabs in the Visual Editor for ExcerptsPlus have been re-organised. Hopefully they follow a more logical workflow. There’s a page in the guide highlighting the changes. Sorry for any confusion, but hopefully you’ll quickly adjust and see the… Continue Reading

ExcerptsPlus 3.3.0 brings easy display of custom fields

ExcerptsPlus 3.3.0 is the only content block for Headway that lets you easily display custom fields! Previously you could (and still can) display custom fields in ExcerptsPlus meta fields (and probably Content block meta fields) provided you know a bit of PHP coding. ExcerptsPlus now brings the display of custom fields to everyone. In the… Continue Reading

ExcerptsPlus 3.2.1 update

Last week saw an update to ExcerptsPlus with several enhancements and a few bug fixes. Look for it in WP Admin plugin updates, or download directly through the WP Admin PizazzWP menu. Probably the feature with most appeal will be the ability to use the WP-PageNavi plugin to display pagination. Full changelog 3.2.1 : 28-July-2013… Continue Reading

All Pizazz blocks updated!

All PizazzWP blocks have been updated, with ExcerptsPlus, SliderPlus and Swiss Army Block all receiving significant upgrades. Files have been sent to Headway for release, so keep an eye on the WP Admin Plugins page. Or you can download and install the updates manually from the PizazzWP menu page in your WP admin. The biggest… Continue Reading

ExcerptsPlus 3.0.1 update

Some useful new features and fixes in Excerpts 3.0.1 ADDED: Cell footer as an extra structure area below each cell ADDED: Advanced styling for Cell Wrapper ADDED: Third Meta area fields CHANGED: Cells to internally use percentage widths to improve responsive layout UPGRADED: Pizazz libs 1.3.3 with extra Pizazz Options menu FIXED: Duplicate display of… Continue Reading

All blocks updated

Last week saw updates for all the PizazzWP blocks. Key features and changes were: ExcerptsPlus Select from multiple content types Filter by any taxonomy Display image captions Option to scale images. Get ExcerptsPlus on Headway Extend GalleryPlus Removed limit on number of images in a post before displaying in a gallery. Get GalleryPlus on Headway… Continue Reading