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Architect 1.6 is out with Beaver Builder module

For all those who found Architect and Beaver Builder great partners, it’s even easier now with Architect’s own module.

Architect Beaver Builder module


New features: Packed masonry and scaled images

If you look at that image, you’ll also notice the two other new features of Architect 1.6.

In Image Cropping, you can now choose to scale the images, rather than crop them. These are best utilised when displaying the featured image within the content, or in the new Packed Masonry mode in Masonry settings.

Masonry mode in Architect sticks to the column arrangement you’ve set, so the masonry effect is only vertical. With Packed Masonry mode it ignores the columns, and packs both vertically and horizontally.

Why Beaver Builder and Architect?

Some people wonder why Beaver and Architect. Beaver already has modules that do sliders, grids, accordions and tabbed.

Architect’s aim is to give you as much control as possible. It is a power tool for power users. It is firstly aimed at professional site builders. (It has also proved very popular with DIYers.)

Beaver’s modules are limited, and quite rightly. They are to get you started, and will satisfy most DIYers. But when you need more, when you need fine control, when you need to answer questions like, “How do I show custom fields?”, “Can I link the whole panel to the post?”, “Can I use any date format?”, “Can I have numbers/thumbs/titles as navigation for sliders?” and so on, that’s when you need Architect.

I am hearing many clients are finding Headway, Beaver Builder, and Architect gives them the complete toolkit for building websites

ExcerptsPlus 3.4.12

Also just released is ExcerptsPlus 3.4.12. This has an important fix in it for pagination that stopped working with WP 4.4.


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