Architect v1.10 released with better Beaver Builder support and much, much more


Wow! Version 1.10 a big release of Architect with a plethora of enhancements and fixes.

This version has a greatly improved Beaver Builder module, filtering by date, support for RSS feeds as a content source, it now uses Freemius for licensing and much, much more.

Architect v1.10 Beaver Builder module (Note: This is from Beaver Builder 2.0)

If you haven’t tried Beaver Builder, do give it a look. (aff).

Get Beaver Builder Now!

This is the biggest update to Architect ever, so please take the time to read the changelog thoroughly.

Note: The Architect documentation is still not up to date, but should still be usable. That is my next project!

It should appear in your plugin updates in the next 24 hours.



  • ADDED: RSS feed URL override to Architect shortcode. Parameter: rssurl
  • ADDED: Blueprint Title override to Architect shortcode. Parameter: title
  • ADDED: Support for custom overrides in Beaver Module. These are entered just like shorctode overrides and will be ignored if not valid.
  • FIXED: RSS exclude tags not working
  • FIXED: RSS hide title not working
  • CHANGED: Removed pageguides until updated


  • ADDED: Date filtering. Finally!
  • ADDED: Option to hide empty Blueprints
  • ADDED: Optional message if no content found for a Blueprint
  • FIXED: Default classes not being applied to components in custom post types
  • FIXED: Rounding problem that could cause some grid layouts to wrap around
  • FIXED: Content not showing for RSS feed source.
  • FIXED: Error if number of fields is less than number of columns in tabular
  • FIXED: Author filtering not working!
  • FIXED: Date filtering applied to all Blueprints on the same page
  • UPGRADED: Slick.js v1.8.0


  • FIXED: Old Architect widgets could return an error
  • FIXED: WPML overriding CSS for paragraphs affecting layout


Beaver Builder related enhancements:

  • ADDED: More extensive filtering overrides in the Beaver Architect module
  • ADDED: Extensive styling options to Architect Beaver module
  • ADDED: Blueprint type to dropdown selector in Widget and Beaver module Blueprint selector
  • ADDED: Option to change Blueprint display title to Architect Beaver module
  • FIXED: Comments showing with Architect Beaver module when type is posts or page
  • REMOVED: Removed Architect page builder. Recommend to use Beaver instead!

Content related enhancements:

  • ADDED: RSS Feed as a content source. In Blueprints Source tab
  • ADDED: Option to set and use a default Focal Point when no Focal Point set on an image. In Architect > Options
  • ADDED: Option to use ‘Specific Text, HTML or Shortcodes’ as a custom field source. In Blueprints Custom Fields tab
  • ADDED: Option to hide specific category names in meta field category name list. In Blueprints Meta tab
  • ADDED: Message field that can be displayed immediately below content. In Blueprints Body/Excerpt tab
  • ADDED: Option to insert a shortcode (or basic HTML) after a specific paragraph in body content. Good for inserting advertising! In Blueprints Body/Excerpt tab

Miscellaneous enhancements:

  • ADDED: Shortcode [ arc_hasmedia] Displays icons if post has media. Can be used in meta or custom fields display. Currently identifies galleries, videos, audio playlists and various document links
  • ADDED: Shortcode [ arc_debug] Dumps the $wp_query variable and some Blueprint info
  • ADDED: Simple demo mode that outlines Architect Blueprints. Add /?demo to the page URL.
  • ADDED: Message on Help & Support screen prompting crossgrade of Architect licence from Headway.
  • ADDED: Option to name new Blueprints when importing. In Architect > Tools
  • ADDED: Server info, BlogID and DB name to System Info. In Tools > SysInfo
  • CHANGED: Export a Blueprint automatically downloads to a file now
  • CHANGED: Admin backgrounds are now just CSS gradients rather than SVG to save size in the zip
  • CHANGED: Using the “No field. Use prefix and suffix only” option for custom field source no longer requires the Link Field attribute enabled.
  • CHANGED: Tech support links to support email address now
  • CHANGED: In Blueprint listings, have now limited the “Used on” column to only show the first 15 instances
  • CHANGED: In Blueprint listings, “Used on” column’s data is scrollable when more than 5 items
  • CHANGED: New paint job on the presets selector
  • CHANGED: Hover on panels designer is now blue toned
  • CHANGED: Updated help text on Help & Support screen
  • CHANGED: Flattened defaults for slider nav buttons
  • CHANGED: Combined Rebuild and clear image cache into one option for all caches. In Architect > Tools
  • CHANGED: Default title wrapper is now H2. This MAY affect some existing layouts that style based on the tag rather than class.
  • CHANGED: Update info is now on the Help & Support tab, rather than appearing as a message.
  • CHANGED: Changed licensing from EDD to Freemius
  • FIXED: Filler images not working for Featured images
  • FIXED: Category and Tag exclusion only working when inclusion was set too
  • FIXED: Duplication of @media CSS declarations on panels.
  • FIXED: Incorrect email url for support
  • FIXED: Importing Blueprint failed to go to new Blueprint screen. Now provides a link.
  • FIXED: Rebuilding cache was giving a success message even when it failed.
  • FIXED: Blueprint “none” not found error on mobile devices
  • FIXED: In Blueprint listings, ‘Used on’ column was showing Blueprints as a usage
  • FIXED: Bug in Architect’s custom post types not showing custom fields.
  • UPGRADED: Isotope to v3.0.4
  • UPGRADED: Mobile Detect to 2.8.5
  • REMOVED: Support contact form as no longer using Freshdesk for support
  • REMOVED: Support forum link as no longer using Freshdesk for support

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