Architect v.1.4.1 released


Architect for WordPress version 1.4.1 is here with around two dozen improvements and fixes.

The major ones are:

  • Preset Selector is now always visible at the top of the Blueprint listing (altho it can be minimized)
  • You can make your own Presets. See this tutorial to get started
  • Option in Content Layout to alternate the Feature left/right when location is Outside Components. See this tutorial to get started

For those who purchased from Pizazz Shop, you should already see this update in Plugins, and for those who purchased from Headway, it should appear any day now.

Change log since v1.3.2

1.4.1 : 4 August 2015

  • FIXED: Possible security risk with SysInfo library

1.4.0 : 3 August 2015

  • ADDED: Option to alternate feature left/right when outside components
  • ADDED: Option to float feature left/right when in components to close up space
  • ADDED: Option to make a custom field display as an embedded url. E.g. YouTube link displays as video
  • ADDED: Option to not use a dropdown for post lists. A text field is used instead where you then need to enter a specific ID(s). Required when lots of posts that kill the memory loading into the dropdown array. This affects the Posts and Galleries content sources only.
  • CHANGED: All actions and filters prefixes changed from ‘pzarc’ to ‘arc’
  • CHANGED: Message on update now – finally! – says Blueprint updated
  • FIXED: Scaled cropping not working when using NextGen galleries


  • ADDED: Accordion title styling to Headway Design Mode
  • CHANGED: Tweaks to Lite version and messages
  • CHANGED: Message on Headway Options page to only put HW purchased licences there.
  • CHANGED: Much tidying up of files reduced zip size.
  • CHANGED: Menu title now includes version number on hover
  • FIXED: Custom taxonomies displayed in meta not showing comma separator
  • FIXED: Error with uploads url not being https sometimes
  • FIXED: Tabular column and table widths when content doesn’t fill last cell in first row.


  • ADDED: Blueprint Preset importing
  • ADDED: Check for custom Blueprint Presets in uploads folder /pizazzwp/architect/presets
  • CHANGED: Added messages when licence activation fails in the Architect licence activation screen
  • CHANGED: Column order in Blueprints listing
  • FIXED: Sliders now respond to RTL
  • FIXED: Accordions will display open/close indicator on left on RTL sites.


  • FIXED: Dummy images not working with lightbox
  • FIXED: NextGen images not working with lightbox


  • FIXED: Nav align needed -webkit-justify-content rules for Safari


  • ADDED: Option to set HTML tag for post titles
  • CHANGED: Preset selector is now always visible
  • CHANGED: Small visual changes to Preset selector
  • FIXED: Thumbnails in navigator not using Focal Point

New documentation

Several new documents and tutorials have been added to the Architect Documentation, including ones on using the alternating features, and importing Presets.

Furthermore, I am banning myself from any new development (only maintenance) for a few weeks to focus on documentation. So keep an eye on the docs pages.

Architect Lite

And, if you’re not yet using Architect, want to see what others are getting excited about, you can now get a free Lite version from the Pizazz Shop