Architect is here!


Architect is a super flexible all new way to display your website content, providing six basic layout types: sliders, grids, tabbed, tabular, accordion and masonry for you to design and build your own unique content layouts.

Rather than adding a multitude of plugins and blocks, and having to learn each one, with Architect it’s all in one, saving you time and money.

Key features

  • Six layout types: Slider, grid, accordion, tabbed, tabular and masonry
  • Six display methods: Display using shortcodes, widgets, template tags, Architect builder, Headway blocks and action hooks
  • Responsive: Not only is Architect responsive bit it allows you to control its responsive behaviour
  • Display any content. Not just posts and pages, but any custom content as well, such as WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery or any other third party content type, custom fields and custom taxonomies.
  • Built-in content types: Architect comes with some additional content types snippets and testimonials (with more to come) to make setting up your site easier using just this one plugin.
  • Built-in presets: Includes over a dozen pre-designed layouts
  • Portable: Build a layout on one site, export it to another.
  • Theme independent: Not all your sites or clients will always be on the same theme. But you can use Architect with all of them.
  • Optimised for Headway: Architect fully supports the Headway Visual Editor Design Mode and has a block for displaying your Architect layouts.
  • Guided help: Architect provides an overlaid guided help that can be activated at any time, 

Unique features

Some features – to the best of my knowledge and at the time of writing – are only available in Architect. If you want these features, you need Architect!

  • Dummy content: In the short time Architect has been available, I am noticing just how popular this feature is. Dummy content is excellent when you’re trialling new designs or building new sites without content yet.
  • Filler images: Architect has the option to automatically use a filler image from LoremPixel when the post doesn’t have an image.
  • Image focal point: Click the focal point of your images, and no more chopped off heads! (This feature is in other Pizazz plugins)
  • Featured video: Architect adds a featured video field to your posts and pages if you want.

Learn more

Architect can be seen in action at its own site, Architect4WP and the demo site.

For Headway users, Architect is available for purchase at Headway Themes