Architect 1.4.7 is here and has three cool new features!

Architect fixed width panels

Architect for WordPress 1.4.7 is here with an option for fixed width panels; a new content type called Showcases; and support for the Shortcake shortcode UI.

Fixed width panels

Architect fixed width panels

Until now, there was only one way to control the number of panels across in your Blueprints. This meant they were a percentage of the full width. e.g. 3 across, equals 33%. The problem with this is on full screen width designs, being percentage based, that gets a bit whacky, and it’s better to have fixed width panels that automatically arrange themselves to fit. Like Pinterest does.

Architect now has that! And because it is using CSS flexbox, you can also control how the panels align (this doesn’t apply to Masonry layouts as they use their own controls). My Showcases page example (link below) use centred alignment, but you can have any of flexbox’s start, end, centred, space between and space around options. And you can set different widths for each responsive breakpoint.

So when you change screen or window size, the panel width stays the same, but the number across automatically adjusts to fit.

Showcases custom content type

Architect Showcases custom content type

Architect now provides an optional custom content type for displaying showcases and portfolios, with custom fields for Year of work and URL of example. It is on by default but can be turned off in Architect > Options.

An example can be seen on my own personal site at three4one design. This example is also using the new fixed width panels layout.

I am also working towards a Showcase of sites using Architect, so if you’d like to be on that, tweet me a link @pizazzwp.

Shortcake shortcode UI plugin support

Architect Shortcake support

The Shortcake shortcode UI plugin allows developers to have a user interface for their shortcodes. Architect 1.4.7 now supports that too. In a post editor screen, click on Add Media, then Insert Post Element and Architect Blueprint, then select the options required. Just like you can with the Architect Blueprint widget! (You did know there’s an Architect Blueprint widget, didn’t you?!)

For compatibility, it uses a specific shortcode,

. And when you click on the shortcode, it automatically opens the UI editor.

Other changes

  • ADDED: Options in custom fields to use the post title or no field (allowing the use of just the prefix and suffix. Useful with links where you want a generic link text)
  • ADDED: Category and tag columns to Snippets, Testimonials and Showcases listing screens.
  • CHANGED: Added a message to Presets selector to explain “Use styled” won’t be styled if “Use Architect styling” is turned off.
  • CHANGED: Installed Presets list on Tools page not shown if empty
  • CHANGED: BFI Thumbs options page removed (it is a duplicate of the Refresh Cache in Architect > Options)
  • FIXED: Bug where if a WP gallery used in Blueprint content source no longer existed, an error would display
  • FIXED: Make Header and Footers option doing nothing!
  • FIXED: Panels min width doing nothing!
  • FIXED: function name conflict in EDD module
  • FIXED: Snippets selector not sortable
  • FIXED: Wording of accordions option that controls if it’s open or closed at startup
  • FIXED: Problems with Defaults content source not displaying correct content when Overrides enabled

Look for it in the next day or two in your WP admin plugin updates.