Amazing Sets Block out now in Swiss Army Block v1.3

Sets Block lets you create re-usable sets of blocks. Great for headers and footers, and styling the background of multiple blocks as one.

Create the blocks on a Headway template, add them to a Sets Block, then mirror that Sets Block where ever you want that set of blocks to appear!

Sets Blocks can even be nested, that is, one Sets Block can contain another Sets Block.

Sets Block setings

Swiss Army Block v1.3.0 also includes the new Icons Block for easily adding social media icons or any other icons or images to your site layouts.

Swiss Army Block

Swiss Army Block is now seven blocks and one plugin in the one block. Ridiculously good value and heaps useful. Really, it should be the first block you buy!

Demo pages:

Get the Swiss Army Block from Headway Extend for only $25 – that’s about $3 per block!