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1. Donation test

Pages : March 24, 2019
PayPal Donate   [Read more]

2. Architect v1.11 with more for Beaver, photographers, advanced users and a Lite version!

Posts : February 6, 2018
Today see the release of Architect v1.11 with three new Beaver Builder modules; enhancements for photographers; multiple methods to display any field from any table; Gutenberg compatibility fixes and the usual plethora of tweaks and fixes. New Beaver Builder Modules – Maps Extended module can use any field from any table for map address – Any […] [Read more]

3. Architect v1.10 released with better Beaver Builder support and much, much more

Posts : October 27, 2017
Wow! Version 1.10 a big release of Architect with a plethora of enhancements and fixes. This version has a greatly improved Beaver Builder module, filtering by date, support for RSS feeds as a content source, it now uses Freemius for licensing and much, much more. If you haven’t tried Beaver Builder, do give it a […] [Read more]

4. Pizazz shop is moving to Freemius eCommerce platform

Posts : October 27, 2017
With the imminent release of Architect v1.10, I am moving to the online sales platform provided by Freemius. Previously I was using Easy Digital Downloads. The reason for move is simply Freemius provides more features and in a single package, with much simpler licesing. Currently, only Architect has been migrated, but the others will follow. […] [Read more]

5. Cross grade your Architect licence from the Headway Extend store

Posts : June 27, 2017
With the uncertain future of the Headway Theme, it is important to transfer your Architect licence from the Headway licence system to the Pizazz licence system. Some users are already reporting licences are no longer working. To do so, email with a copy of your most recent invoice for Architect purchase or renewal and a […] [Read more]

6. Architect 1.8 has better Blueprint editor and responsive options

Posts : February 28, 2016
Architect v1.8 is out now and bring many tweaks and fixes, plus several new features, most notable are an improved and easier Blueprint editor and easier control of titles and content font size responsiveness. Blueprint editor now has tabs for components and layout type For a long time, I’ve wondered if Architect would be even easier if […] [Read more]

7. Architect 1.6 is out with Beaver Builder module

Posts : January 8, 2016
For all those who found Architect and Beaver Builder great partners, it’s even easier now with Architect’s own module.   New features: Packed masonry and scaled images If you look at that image, you’ll also notice the two other new features of Architect 1.6. In Image Cropping, you can now choose to scale the images, rather than […] [Read more]

8. New plugin, Codex, for documentation is now available

Posts : January 4, 2016
Codex is a documentation system plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily create beautiful, step-based documentation showing text, images/videos and/or code with a choice of seven different layouts. [Read more]

9. Seasons greetings, latest news, and 2016 tidbits

Posts : December 24, 2015
2015 has been an exciting year, highlighted of course by the release of Architect. Thank you all for being a part of it and making it so enjoyable for me. Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season, and may 2016 keep you in good health and be totally awesome. News in brief New logo […] [Read more]

10. Creating a Codex document

Codex Documents : December 13, 2015
Making a document in Codex is quite simple. There are a few options to set, hence this document looks a bit longish, but they are all very straightforward. You could very easily just skim this document and get the gist of it. Add a new Codex Document Add a new Codex DocumentTo create new Codex […] [Read more]

11. Making a Codex listing page

Codex Documents : December 6, 2015
In this tutorial, we will describe the simple process to make a page that displays all your Codex documents in a a neatly categorised listing. Create the page Create the pageIn WP admin, create a new page, give it an appropriate title and add the codexlist shortcode with parameters you require. Publish that page. See […] [Read more]

12. Codex live

Codex Documents : December 3, 2015
ArchitectArchitectArchitect, a content layout builder for WordPress, has a large collection of documents written using Codex. It also implements the table of contents and documents listing shortcodes and widgets. Categorised listing of Codex documents [Read more]

13. Buy Codex

Codex Documents : December 3, 2015
Coex is available for purchase from Code Canyon… soon! [Read more]

14. Display Codex documents

Codex Documents : December 2, 2015
Displaying a codex document will vary depending on your theme or any other plugins you use to display content. Codex documents are a standard custom post type, so find out how your theme displays custom post types and use that method. Your could also consider using Architect, but it is an extra step that shouldn’t […] [Read more]

15. Codex Guide

Pages : December 2, 2015

16. Display Codex table of contents and document lists

Codex Documents : December 2, 2015
Codex can display table of contents and document listings using either widgets or shortcodes. Display Codex table of contentsDisplay Codex table of contents You can display a documents table of contents using the widget or shortcode Codex table of contents widget [codextoc showother="category|document" othertitle="your other title text" catcount="show|hide" order="ASC|DESC" orderby="title|date|pageorder"] All options are optional. The […] [Read more]

17. Architect 1.5 is here with Masonry filtering and sorting and more!

Posts : October 3, 2015
Architect 1.5 has half a dozen new features to make designing and laying out WordPress content even easier and more powerful for you. Masonry Filtering and Sorting Number one among them is filtering and sorting on Masonry layouts, with full support of custom fields and taxonomies. A tutorial can be viewed on the Architect documentation And […] [Read more]

18. Architect 1.4.7 is here and has three cool new features!

Posts : September 7, 2015
Architect for WordPress 1.4.7 is here with an option for fixed width panels; a new content type called Showcases; and support for the Shortcake shortcode UI. Fixed width panels Until now, there was only one way to control the number of panels across in your Blueprints. This meant they were a percentage of the full […] [Read more]

19. Architect v.1.4.1 released

Posts : August 5, 2015
Architect for WordPress version 1.4.1 is here with around two dozen improvements and fixes. The major ones are: Preset Selector is now always visible at the top of the Blueprint listing (altho it can be minimized) You can make your own Presets. See this tutorial to get started Option in Content Layout to alternate the […] [Read more]

20. Architect v1.3 update released

Posts : June 26, 2015
Architect v1.3 has many enhancements and fixes, and should appear in your WP plugin updates in the next day or so. The most significant is the slider engine (Slick) has been updated to v1.5.5. This has fixed several quirks with the old one and allowed some new features, including carousel layouts now work correctly. To make […] [Read more]

21. All Pizazz plugins updated

Posts : May 23, 2015
With Architect now settled down, I finally had a chance to roll out updates for all the Pizazz plugins. As promised, all plugins will continue to be maintained. Mostly changes are tweaks and bugs fixes. Look for the following updates in your WP admin plugins area soon: ExcerptsPlus 3.4.9 GalleryPlus 1.7.6 SliderPlus 1.4.0 (Now supports […] [Read more]

22. Architect v1.2 for WordPress is animated and adaptive

Posts : May 4, 2015
Architect v1.2 adds animation and advanced device adaptive design for better mobile sites. Adaptive Currently, there are only three main device types displaying webpages – phones, tablets and desktop/laptops. Architect v1.2 lets you set a Blueprint for all or each of those devices. With Google to begin downrating sites that are not mobile friendly, this update of […] [Read more]

23. Architect might not save all values on some WP sites – but not a bug!

Posts : April 26, 2015
Some WP users may find Architect does not save all values. This is not actually a bug in Architect, rather the way default PHP installations are configured with a limit on maximum variables that can be saved. There are thousands of posts on this issue just in regards to WordPress around the internet! Here’s a couple […] [Read more]

24. Architect Tutorial: Using Advanced Custom Fields and Snippets to make a Pricing Table

Posts : April 22, 2015
A new tutorial for Architect about using custom fields, custom taxonomies and custom CSS is now online in the Architect documentation. This tutorial uses Advanced Custom Fields plugin, but could apply to any method of creating custom fields in WordPress. Using Advanced Custom Fields and Snippets to make a Pricing Table [Read more]

25. Architect is here!

Posts : April 11, 2015
Architect is a super flexible all new way to display your website content, providing six basic layout types: sliders, grids, tabbed, tabular, accordion and masonry for you to design and build your own unique content layouts. [Read more]

26. Purchase Confirmation

Pages : April 9, 2015
Thank you for your purchase! [edd_receipt] [Read more]

27. Transaction Failed

Pages : April 9, 2015
Your transaction failed, please try again or contact site support. [Read more]

28. Purchase History

Pages : April 9, 2015
[purchase_history] [Read more]

29. Architect is coming! Beta testers required

Posts : October 11, 2014
What is Architect? Architect is a theme independent content layout and design framework for WordPress. It is optimised for Headway, and takes advantage of its features. Architect will replace ExcerptsPlus, GalleryPlus, SliderPlus and TabsPlus. It already replicates at least 80% of those plugins’ features; however, some of that other 20% may not make it into the […] [Read more]

30. As a developer, this is why I build WordPress websites using the Headway framework

Posts : October 7, 2014
Every now and again, I stop and see how great Headway is; how much of a time saver it is, and am wowed anew. This how I would build a WordPress website using conventional WordPress methods:   And this is how I do it using Headway:   My time is too valuable to waste on […] [Read more]

31. All blocks updated

Posts : April 15, 2014
This week sees updates released for all the PizazzWP blocks. You will notice a difference when you install them. They will ask you to install the PizazzWP Libraries plugin. Keep an eye on your WP plugins page for the updates. Any issues, let us know at Hostgator hassles It’s become apparent Hostgator won’t allow you […] [Read more]

32. Changed to FreshDesk for support

Posts : March 31, 2014
After two weeks of solid research and evaluation, I have decided to switch my support system from ZenDesk to FreshDesk The single biggest advantage of this logging a support request is as simple as sending an email to . How easy is that?! You can also use the Support button on the left which has […] [Read more]

33. News: Submit your Pizazz powered site for a showcase

Posts : November 16, 2013
Even better than the new testimonials, we are setting up a showcase to show off the best examples of websites using the PizazzWP plugins. You can submit your site on the submissions page or in the form below. As always with these things, we can’t guarantee every submission will be included in the showcase.     […] [Read more]

34. News: Submit a testimonial

Posts : November 16, 2013
It’s about time we showed off some of the great testimonials we get. To that end, a page has been setup where you can submit testimonials directly or in the form below. Being a new feature, we are sort of jumping in the deep end, so there may be some kinks to iron out yet. Of […] [Read more]

35. Submit a site to the showcase

Pages : November 16, 2013

36. Submit a Testimonial

Pages : November 16, 2013

37. Update: SliderPlus 1.3.2 with full width sliders

Posts : November 16, 2013
SliderPlus v1.3.2 is out and allows full width slideshows and quite a few other new features, changes and fixes. You can see a demo of the full width slideshow here: Other highlights of v1.3.2 are it supports the new  WordPress embedded videos from you local server, navigation can now be position over the slides, slideshows […] [Read more]

38. Update: ExcerptsPlus 3.4.1

Posts : November 15, 2013
ExcerptsPlus 3.41 has been released with quite a few changes. One of the bigger changes is the tabs in the Visual Editor for ExcerptsPlus have been re-organised. Hopefully they follow a more logical workflow. There’s a page in the guide highlighting the changes. Sorry for any confusion, but hopefully you’ll quickly adjust and see the […] [Read more]

39. About Codex

Codex Documents : November 5, 2013
The PizazzWP Codex Documentation System (Codex for short), is a means to easily create multi-step documentation and was inspired by ScreenSteps and Flatdocs. It provides specific sections for your description, examples, media and code. This enables you to easily make guides, manuals, tutorials and any other type of documentation with a consistent and user-friendly layout. […] [Read more]

40. My Software and Services I Use

Pages : October 3, 2013
Getting PizazzWP stuff to the world involves quite a few software, services and tools. Website WP Engine WordPress Headway Online Services GitHub MailChimp DropBox Recommended Plugins Hardware MacBook Pro Retina Desktop Software PHPStorm ScreenFlow ScreenSteps Snag-It Photoshop CC DeltaWalker Transmit Chrome TweetDeck Tower BetterZip Alfred Divvy SwitchResX   [Read more]

41. How To: Make a horizontal numbered list in CSS for TabsPlus

Posts : October 2, 2013
Today a TabsPlus user asked if it was possible to have the horizontal tabs automatically numbered. Like anyone, I figured it’d be a simple matter of enabling the list-style-type:decimal. Not so! But I did find a “sneaky” solution. When you change a list to display horizontally (usually with display:inline; or display:inline-block;) the list is no […] [Read more]

42. ExcerptsPlus Features

Pages : September 28, 2013
Focal Point Respect Variable grids of content Slider   [Read more]

43. Should web software support be charged?

Posts : August 16, 2013
An uncomfortable irony: I write web software that I give support for for free to web designers who are charging their clients for the time it takes them to resolve an issue involving my software! So they are getting paid to support my software, but I aren’t! Why do we accept charging clients for support […] [Read more]

44. Pizazz features: Respect Focal Point

Posts : August 16, 2013
Sick of thumbnails with chopped off heads? Respect focal point is a unique feature not available on any other WP plugins (or at leas the well known ones, to the best of my knowledge). Simply double click on an image to set the focal point and when any of the Pizazz blocks crops the image, […] [Read more]

45. ExcerptsPlus 3.3.0 brings easy display of custom fields

Posts : August 14, 2013
ExcerptsPlus 3.3.0 is the only content block for Headway that lets you easily display custom fields! Previously you could (and still can) display custom fields in ExcerptsPlus meta fields (and probably Content block meta fields) provided you know a bit of PHP coding. ExcerptsPlus now brings the display of custom fields to everyone. In the […] [Read more]

46. TabsPlus 1.5.5 update with IDX and RSS support

Posts : August 4, 2013
Last week saw a couple of updates to TabsPlus. Look for the latest in WP Admin plugin updates, or download directly via WP Admin > PizazzWP menu The big new feature addition is you can now use RSS feeds as the content source. For real estate agents who have access something like an IDX RSS […] [Read more]

47. Swiss Army Block 1.6.2 update

Posts : August 4, 2013
Last week saw a small update to the Swiss Army Block. Look for it in WP Admin plugin updates, or download it directly from WP Admin > PizazzWP menu. Changelog 1.6.2 : 28-July-2013 CHANGED: Default block title in RELATED POSTS block to “Other posts in these terms” CHANGED: Allowed block title in RELATED POSTS to […] [Read more]

48. SliderPlus 1.2.3 update

Posts : August 4, 2013
Last week saw an update to SliderPlus with several enhancements and a few bug fixes. Look for it in WP Admin plugin updates, or download directly through the WP Admin PizazzWP menu. The most useful new feature for Headway users, is you can now style your SliderPlus slideshows from the Visual Editor, Design Mode Full […] [Read more]

49. ExcerptsPlus 3.2.1 update

Posts : August 4, 2013
Last week saw an update to ExcerptsPlus with several enhancements and a few bug fixes. Look for it in WP Admin plugin updates, or download directly through the WP Admin PizazzWP menu. Probably the feature with most appeal will be the ability to use the WP-PageNavi plugin to display pagination. Full changelog 3.2.1 : 28-July-2013 […] [Read more]

50. Swiss Army Block user guide updated

Posts : July 13, 2013
The Swiss Army Block user guide now has information on all blocks and extensions in SAB. Check it out: [Read more]