Updates to everything!

All five blocks received updates today. ContainerPro should appear in your WP updates within a day, and ExcerptsPlus, GalleryPlus, HeaderPlus and TabsPlus in the next couple of days once Headway gets them vetted and uploaded.

Here’s some of the changes

ExcerptsPlus v2.9.9.1206

  • CHANGED: Margin above bullets in slider is now 10px
  • CHANGED: Added max-width to excerpt row for improve responsive design.
  • CHANGED: Cache location is now wp-content/uploads/cache/pizazzwp/eplus

GalleryPlus v1.5.9.1206

  • CHANGED: Cache location is now wp-content/uploads/cache/pizazzwp/gplus


  • ADDED: Option to use images from TwentyTen and TwentyEleven themes.


  • CHANGED: Added max-width to tabs container for improved responsive design
  • FIXED: Stopped code from loading all posts into array
  • FIXED: Inactive accordion tab colouring not working
  • FIXED: Accordions selecting wrong content
  • FIXED: Colouring issues with selected tabs
  • FIXED: Post/page title not showing when selected to show
  • CHANGED: Cache location is now wp-content/uploads/cache/pizazzwp/eplus


  • CHANGED: Modified help text in block to include shortcode instruction for embedding blocks (shortcode is hwblock)

The “1206” represents the Pizazz additional libraries’ version number, which they have all also been updated to. In the future, this can be updated without having to update the block version- otherwise we’d start burning thru version numbers.

For those testing SlidersPlus, these are all have compatible libraries, so can be active at the same time as SliderPlus.