Tip: SliderPlus and the WPML plugin

The WPML Plugin is quite an amazing piece of work, as any who’ve used it would know.

This week on the PizazzWP support desk we had a user with it who couldn’t get the Slideshow to display in the non-default languages.

The fix is quite easy, albeit, not perfect.

In the section for Multilingual Support, ensure that this is not enabled for Slideshows. (It can and should be for Slides.)



The not perfect part is Slideshows only have two pieces of content they display, which with translation disabled, will display in the default language.

These are:

– Slideshow title

– “Read more” text

If you don’t need to display these then this fix will be fine.

I am, however, working on a full fix.


Also, sorry if resolutions have been slow this week. This is the third one that has taken a day or more to resolve – which means others have gotten slower responses. That said, we do still make the first response to new requests within 24 hours.