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Seasons greetings, latest news, and 2016 tidbits

2015 has been an exciting year, highlighted of course by the release of Architect. Thank you all for being a part of it and making it so enjoyable for me.

Wishing you a happy and safe holiday season, and may 2016 keep you in good health and be totally awesome.

News in brief

New logo

Pizazzwp now has a new logo with a bit more energy and modernness about it. For the typography lovers, the typeface is Poppins from Google fonts.

Architect 1.5.17

Architect 1.5.17 is out on Pizazz shop with a few small enhancements and fixes since 1.5.9. It will be on the Headway store soon.


On the Architect website, I’ve started an¬†Architect¬†showcase, which I am looking for contributions to. So if you want your site using Architect showcased, drop me a line.

Feature list

Also on the website is a comprehensive feature list – though I’m sure there’s still more missing from it.


For the next week (25th to 29th), support will be more limited. I won’t be on Friday, Saturday or Sunday at all. Will try to check in Monday or Tuesday, and will be back on deck Wednesday. Going to the beach for a few days – as you do in the holiday season in Australia!

2016 teaser

A few exciting things happening early in 2016.

Make money from Architect

In the new year, I will be launching an affiliates program for Architect. Anyone buying Architect through the Pizazz shop with your affiliate link, will earn you 25% commission on the sale as well as their renewals.

Also, did you know you can make and sell Architect Blueprints?

More on both the affiliates and other ways to make money from Architect in January

Architect add ons

January/February will also see the first release of an Architect add-on. It adds a new slider that uses the Sudo Slider library, and has several advantages over Architect’s built in slider.

Beaver Builder module

The next major release of Architect will include a module for Beaver Builder (affiliate link) – which went through the roof in 2015, including with Headway users. Quite a few Architect users swear by Architect, Beaver and Headway for a complete design solution.

SliderPlus and Swiss Army Block

2016 will also see more attention given to SliderPlus and Swiss Army Block, now things have settled with Architect. If you have any ideas or requests for these, let me know.

Codex Documentation System plugin

Codex Documentation System plugin for WordPress

Early 2016 will also see the release of my Codex plugin. Codex allows you to easily build beautiful step-base documentation. All the Architect Documentation is done using it. More on it in the new year too.

Best wishes

Again, best wishes for 2016, and may you have a happy and safe holiday season.


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