SliderPlus v1.0.5 released

Screen Shot 2012-08-02 at 11.30.03 PM

Widgets, two new themes and more help are just a few of things in the latest SliderPlus, v1.0.5, which I’ve just pushed out. Headway should roll it out in the next day or so.

Here’s a comprehensive list of recent changes.

v1.0.5 – 1-Aug-2012

  • HELP: Added “Usage” section in SliderPlus Slideshow listing screen
  • HELP: Various tweaks and typo fixes
  • ADDED: SliderPlus widget
  • ADDED: SliderPlus WP template tag: pzsplus($shortname)
  • ADDED: Glossy Blue theme
  • ADDED: Sky Blue theme
  • CHANGED: Put Slideshow WP help into its own php file

1.0.4 : 31-Jul-2012

  • HELP: Added “Anatomy of a slide” image to “Designing a Slideshow”
  • FIXED: Manual updater getting wrong file name

v1.0.3 : 28-Jul-2012

  • UPDATED: Pizazz libs v1.2.11


  • UPDATED: jQuery Cycle to v2.9999.5
  • CHANGED: Simple validation on some fields now, such as shortname.
  • ADDED: Image only and Text only options to layout selector

v1.0.1 : 24-Jul-2012

  • ADDED: Loading indicator when using an embedded URL
  • ADDED: Option to use Gallery+ or NextGen galleries as the source
  • ADDED: Option to use embed code in slides
  • CHANGED: Moved some Pizazz libs into dedicated SliderPlus libs
  • UPDATED: Help texts
  • CHANGED: Bullet size from 32px to 45px
  • FIXED: Filters not showing on load, only on change
  • FIXED: Warnings in transition effects listing
  • FIXED: Slide destination link not working
  • FIXED: Bottom border in wrong place

Tip: If you ever have trouble getting the auto-upgrading working, try deactivating Headway, and then Pizazz’s own auto-updating should kick in. You can also look for manual updates on the PizazzWP menu page.