Responsive design and Pizazz blocks

The hottest design topic of 2012 is probably responsive design. That is, making your website automatically rejig itself for any size device.

Headway added support for responsive design earlier in the year and is continuing to improve support for it.

The Pizazz blocks have limited support though. Some by pure dumb luck, and some deliberate.

I often get asked about greater support for responsive design in the Pizazz blocks.

Responsive design is something I want to add to them; however, it is a very big undertaking.

The Pizazz blocks were written when responsive design was barely heard of. Consequently, they were coded for fixed widths. Fixed width blocks, fixed width images, fixed width cells etc. Rewriting them will pretty much involve throwing out the current layout code and recoding from scratch.

As I say, a very large undertaking – especially ExcerptsPlus – and one that I can’t even begin to make any promises about timelines.

But many bigger things to  consider. For example, on a small screen in TabsPlus, should tabs got to 100% width or a proportional width? Or should it be an option?

The next version of TabsPlus has a small tweak to at least make it not spill over the edges of the page on smaller screens. Little things like that I will do as soon as possible.

If you are a developer yourself and/or handy with CSS, you can write custom CSS to enable further responsive design using the @media query.

There is some good news, though. SliderPlus is being developed from the outset to support responsive design. It’s not perfect yet, but is reasonable.