HowTo: Display gallery thumbnails in GalleryPlus

A feature added a little while ago that you may have missed is the ability to create a thumbnail list of galleries.

Use this shortcode in your post or page or custom code block:

[ showgalleryplus covers=2654,2627,2622,1594 thumbs=150]

the numbers are the gallery IDs.  Thumbs is pixels width. (Don’t include the space after the [ as that is there so this doesn’t get shortcoded itself!)

The thumbnail used is the first image in the gallery.

Setting a URL and description for the gallery

In each gallery, enter a URL (usually the page that displays the gallery) for each gallery in the Excerpt field enclosed in url: and :url . e.g. url:

Any other text in the Excerpt field will display as the gallery description


The output will look something like the following and can be formatted with custom CSS:


CSS classes are:





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