ExcerptsPlus 3.2.1 update

Last week saw an update to ExcerptsPlus with several enhancements and a few bug fixes. Look for it in WP Admin plugin updates, or download directly through the WP Admin PizazzWP menu.

Probably the feature with most appeal will be the ability to use the WP-PageNavi plugin to display pagination.


Full changelog

3.2.1 : 28-July-2013
FIXED: Content type not remembering settings from pre-E+ 3.1
FIXED: Several PHP notices for undefined index
FIXED: Cache images being recreated unnecessarily
FIXED: PNG transparency not being preserved

CHANGED: Excerpts now break at a WP “more” tag if within the trim limit.
CHANGED: Several slider-based options controls to text

ADDED: Option in the filters to use the WP timezone setting
ADDED: Option to override categories via query string. Usage /?catid=NNN where NNN = category ID to display.
ADDED: Options to filter posts using custom fields in Developer options.
ADDED: Options to sort posts using custom fields in Developer options
ADDED: Option (in Behaviours tab) to use WP-PageNavi if available
ADDED: Settings in design mode to stylize WP-Pagenavi
ADDED: Option to use original image with no cropping or resizing. Image will still scale responsively to fit the cell. Use with care though as using large images will slow page loads.