Coming soon – Swiss Army Block


Recently had a need for a simple block to perform a simple function. That triggered a wealth of ideas of simple blocks that on their own wouldn’t necessarily even be released, but put them together… and you’ve got a Swiss Army Block!

It also gave me an answer about what to do with the poor orphaned ContainerPro.

So very soon, maybe by the end of August, you will see a great new block with some of those little blocks you’ve always wanted.

Version 1 blocks

The first release will definitely contain the following three mini-blocks. From there on, I will continue to add more mini-blocks as the need arises.

Author block

Author Block example

Title Block

Title Block examples

Container Block

Swiss Army Block will include ContainerPro renamed as simply Container. Anyone who bought ContainerPro will be entitled to the Swiss Army Block at a heavily discounted price.

Possible Future blocks to be added

  • Banner
  • Callout
  • Ticker
  • Messages
  • Status
  • Twitter feed
  • Facebook feed
  • About
  • Tables
  • Forms
  • Ajax Calendar
  • RSS feed
  • Buttons

So, keep an eye on Headway Extend, either online or via your WordPress admin.