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ExcerptsPlus 3.0.1 update

Some useful new features and fixes in Excerpts 3.0.1 ADDED: Cell footer as an extra structure area below each cell ADDED: Advanced styling for Cell Wrapper ADDED: Third Meta area fields CHANGED: Cells to internally use percentage widths to improve responsive layout UPGRADED: Pizazz libs 1.3.3 with extra Pizazz Options menu FIXED: Duplicate display of… Continue Reading

All blocks updated

Last week saw updates for all the PizazzWP blocks. Key features and changes were: ExcerptsPlus Select from multiple content types Filter by any taxonomy Display image captions Option to scale images. Get ExcerptsPlus on Headway Extend GalleryPlus Removed limit on number of images in a post before displaying in a gallery. Get GalleryPlus on Headway… Continue Reading

SliderPlus update – v1.0.7

SliderPlus v1.0.7 has just been sent off to Headway for release. One of the most exciting additions to it is the option to use WordPress image galleries, including the ability to use those in the currently viewed post or page. Here’s a complete change log v1.0.7 : 15-Aug-2012 FIXED: Hover nav not reshowing after disabling… Continue Reading

Updates to everything!

All five blocks received updates today. ContainerPro should appear in your WP updates within a day, and ExcerptsPlus, GalleryPlus, HeaderPlus and TabsPlus in the next couple of days once Headway gets them vetted and uploaded. Here’s some of the changes ExcerptsPlus v2.9.9.1206 CHANGED: Margin above bullets in slider is now 10px CHANGED: Added max-width to… Continue Reading