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How To: Make a horizontal numbered list in CSS for TabsPlus

Today a TabsPlus user asked if it was possible to have the horizontal tabs automatically numbered. Like anyone, I figured it’d be a simple matter of enabling the list-style-type:decimal. Not so! But I did find a “sneaky” solution. When you change a list to display horizontally (usually with display:inline; or display:inline-block;) the list is no… Continue Reading

ExcerptsPlus 3.3.0 brings easy display of custom fields

ExcerptsPlus 3.3.0 is the only content block for Headway that lets you easily display custom fields! Previously you could (and still can) display custom fields in ExcerptsPlus meta fields (and probably Content block meta fields) provided you know a bit of PHP coding. ExcerptsPlus now brings the display of custom fields to everyone. In the… Continue Reading

HowTo: Display gallery thumbnails in GalleryPlus

A feature added a little while ago that you may have missed is the ability to create a thumbnail list of galleries. Use this shortcode in your post or page or custom code block: [ showgalleryplus covers=2654,2627,2622,1594 thumbs=150] the numbers are the gallery IDs.  Thumbs is pixels width. (Don’t include the space after the [ as… Continue Reading

Tip: SliderPlus and the WPML plugin

The WPML Plugin is quite an amazing piece of work, as any who’ve used it would know. This week on the PizazzWP support desk we had a user with it who couldn’t get the Slideshow to display in the non-default languages. The fix is quite easy, albeit, not perfect. In the section for Multilingual Support,… Continue Reading