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All Pizazz plugins updated

With Architect now settled down, I finally had a chance to roll out updates for all the Pizazz plugins. As promised, all plugins will continue to be maintained. Mostly changes are tweaks and bugs fixes. Look for the following updates in your WP admin plugins area soon:

  • ExcerptsPlus 3.4.9
  • GalleryPlus 1.7.6
  • SliderPlus 1.4.0 (Now supports different sliders for different device types)
  • Swiss Army Block 1.8.1
  • TabsPlus 1.5.18
  • Architect 1.2.10

PizazzWP Libs will also receive a minor update soon.

PizazzWP Community

Developer technical support is great but can be slow with only myself answering many questions and not all questions need to go to tech support. To that end, I am looking to establish a Pizazz user community where we can all help each other. So, when you have a general question such as “How do I…?” then pop into the community and we’ll help.

All blocks updated

This week sees updates released for all the PizazzWP blocks. You will notice a difference when you install them. They will ask you to install the PizazzWP Libraries plugin. Keep an eye on your WP plugins page for the updates. Any issues, let us know at Hostgator hassles It’s become apparent Hostgator won’t allow you… Continue Reading

Swiss Army Block 1.6.2 update

Last week saw a small update to the Swiss Army Block. Look for it in WP Admin plugin updates, or download it directly from WP Admin > PizazzWP menu. Changelog 1.6.2 : 28-July-2013 CHANGED: Default block title in RELATED POSTS block to “Other posts in these terms” CHANGED: Allowed block title in RELATED POSTS to… Continue Reading

All Pizazz blocks updated!

All PizazzWP blocks have been updated, with ExcerptsPlus, SliderPlus and Swiss Army Block all receiving significant upgrades. Files have been sent to Headway for release, so keep an eye on the WP Admin Plugins page. Or you can download and install the updates manually from the PizazzWP menu page in your WP admin. The biggest… Continue Reading

Swiss Army Block, HeaderPlus blocks and GalleryPlus guide updated

Have rolled out some small but important updates for Swiss Army Block and HeaderPlus blocks, and the GalleryPlus user guide Swiss Army Blocks Fixed problem in Wings with it adding slashes to wing html HeaderPlus Fixed missing image uploader in Visual Editor after Headway 3.4 update. GalleryPlus user guide Added page for instructions on creating… Continue Reading