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Swiss Army Block 1.6.2 update

Last week saw a small update to the Swiss Army Block. Look for it in WP Admin plugin updates, or download it directly from WP Admin > PizazzWP menu. Changelog 1.6.2 : 28-July-2013 CHANGED: Default block title in RELATED POSTS block to “Other posts in these terms” CHANGED: Allowed block title in RELATED POSTS to… Continue Reading

SliderPlus 1.2.3 update

Last week saw an update to SliderPlus with several enhancements and a few bug fixes. Look for it in WP Admin plugin updates, or download directly through the WP Admin PizazzWP menu. The most useful new feature for Headway users, is you can now style your SliderPlus slideshows from the Visual Editor, Design Mode Full… Continue Reading

All Pizazz blocks updated!

All PizazzWP blocks have been updated, with ExcerptsPlus, SliderPlus and Swiss Army Block all receiving significant upgrades. Files have been sent to Headway for release, so keep an eye on the WP Admin Plugins page. Or you can download and install the updates manually from the PizazzWP menu page in your WP admin. The biggest… Continue Reading

ExcerptsPlus updated to 2.9.1

Have just released an update of ExcerptsPlus which addresses some layout bugs: FIXED: Missing author’s gravatar CHANGED: Tidied up Quick read button FIXED: Quick read formatting FIXED: Layout issues with embedded SliderPlus sliders. It should appear in your WP plugin updates in the next 12 hours. Continue Reading

HeaderPlus 1.1.3 released

HeaderPlus 1.1.3 is out and has two bug fixes: In Internet Explorer, the titles background was showing as a blue gradient if you select Transparent as the back ground colour. The link in the header to the homepage was broken Notification of this update should appear in your WP plugins listing. Continue Reading

HeaderPlus update 1.1.2 – Panoramas added

For those who like to get their readers to linger a little longer on their site, I’ve added a sweet new feature to HeaderPlus allowing you to show an image in your header as a scrolling panorama. You can see it in action on the PizazzWP site Look for HeaderPlus v1.1.2 in your plugin updates… Continue Reading