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Architect 1.8 has better Blueprint editor and responsive options

Architect v1.8 is out now and bring many tweaks and fixes, plus several new features, most notable are an improved and easier Blueprint editor and easier control of titles and content font size responsiveness.

Blueprint editor now has tabs for components and layout type


For a long time, I’ve wondered if Architect would be even easier if each component type had its own tab in the Blueprint editor. So, I decided to find out. And the answer is a resounding yes.

Now you should find it even easier to get to the settings for titles, meta, features, body/excerpt, custom fields, and for the layout type you are using. What’s more, if you have Architect styling enabled, the relevant styling is also under each tab

Note: The documentation will be updated as soon as possible

Fluid fonts are even more responsive


Instead of setting specific font sizes for content and titles at specific breakpoints, now you can let Architect take care of it, by simply setting an upper and lower limit for your font sizes, and the breakpoints for those limits. Between those breakpoints, the fonts will automatically and fluidly scale in size. In the future, I will extend this feature to other textual components.

Show content without leaving the page


There is now an option, when you click read a more link, instead of opening the post, the content will slide down within the panel without leaving the page. You can choose to open it within the panel’s width, or zoom to 100% of your content area’s width.

In action

You can see both the sliding content and the fluid fonts it in action on the NEM Creative website.

While you’re there, if you have a phone, check out how Architect’s adaptive design changes the product services from a grid on the desktop and tablet, to a slider on the phone.

For a refresher, check the tutorial on using Architect’s adaptive design.

Other new features

ADDED: Excerpt trimming for Characters, Paragraphs, More tag
ADDED: Option to remove shortcodes from Excerpts.
ADDED: Option to link images to a custom link per image. Requires the WP Gallery Custom Links plugin
ADDED: Option for Blueprint footer text. Can include limited HTML and shortcodes.
ADDED: Custom field types now include a text type that will add paragraphs
ADDED: Image Carousel preset the same as on the demos site.

View the Architect changelog


Architect 1.8 has been pushed by myself at Pizazz, and by Headway so should be appearing in your WP plugin updates.


Codex Documentation System plugin for WordPress

My Codex plugin is selling well. Do remember to look at it if you have a need for making online documentation.

Architect 1.5 is here with Masonry filtering and sorting and more!

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Architect v1.3 update released

Architect v1.3 has many enhancements and fixes, and should appear in your WP plugin updates in the next day or so. The most significant is the slider engine (Slick) has been updated to v1.5.5. This has fixed several quirks with the old one and allowed some new features, including carousel layouts now work correctly. To make… Continue Reading

All Pizazz plugins updated

With Architect now settled down, I finally had a chance to roll out updates for all the Pizazz plugins. As promised, all plugins will continue to be maintained. Mostly changes are tweaks and bugs fixes. Look for the following updates in your WP admin plugins area soon: ExcerptsPlus 3.4.9 GalleryPlus 1.7.6 SliderPlus 1.4.0 (Now supports… Continue Reading

Architect v1.2 for WordPress is animated and adaptive

Architect v1.2 adds animation and advanced device adaptive design for better mobile sites. Adaptive Currently, there are only three main device types displaying webpages – phones, tablets and desktop/laptops. Architect v1.2 lets you set a Blueprint for all or each of those devices. With Google to begin downrating sites that are not mobile friendly, this update of… Continue Reading

All blocks updated

This week sees updates released for all the PizazzWP blocks. You will notice a difference when you install them. They will ask you to install the PizazzWP Libraries plugin. Keep an eye on your WP plugins page for the updates. Any issues, let us know at Hostgator hassles It’s become apparent Hostgator won’t allow you… Continue Reading

ExcerptsPlus 3.3.0 brings easy display of custom fields

ExcerptsPlus 3.3.0 is the only content block for Headway that lets you easily display custom fields! Previously you could (and still can) display custom fields in ExcerptsPlus meta fields (and probably Content block meta fields) provided you know a bit of PHP coding. ExcerptsPlus now brings the display of custom fields to everyone. In the… Continue Reading

Swiss Army Block 1.6.2 update

Last week saw a small update to the Swiss Army Block. Look for it in WP Admin plugin updates, or download it directly from WP Admin > PizazzWP menu. Changelog 1.6.2 : 28-July-2013 CHANGED: Default block title in RELATED POSTS block to “Other posts in these terms” CHANGED: Allowed block title in RELATED POSTS to… Continue Reading