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Architect v1.2 for WordPress is animated and adaptive

Architect v1.2 adds animation and advanced device adaptive design for better mobile sites. Adaptive Currently, there are only three main device types displaying webpages – phones, tablets and desktop/laptops. Architect v1.2 lets you set a Blueprint for all or each of those devices. With Google to begin downrating sites that are not mobile friendly, this update of… Continue Reading

Architect is here!

Architect is a super flexible all new way to display your website content, providing six basic layout types: sliders, grids, tabbed, tabular, accordion and masonry for you to design and build your own unique content layouts. Continue Reading

Architect is coming! Beta testers required

What is Architect? Architect is a theme independent content layout and design framework for WordPress. It is optimised for Headway, and takes advantage of its features. Architect will replace ExcerptsPlus, GalleryPlus, SliderPlus and TabsPlus. It already replicates at least 80% of those plugins’ features; however, some of that other 20% may not make it into the… Continue Reading

All blocks updated

This week sees updates released for all the PizazzWP blocks. You will notice a difference when you install them. They will ask you to install the PizazzWP Libraries plugin. Keep an eye on your WP plugins page for the updates. Any issues, let us know at Hostgator hassles It’s become apparent Hostgator won’t allow you… Continue Reading

Changed to FreshDesk for support

After two weeks of solid research and evaluation, I have decided to switch my support system from ZenDesk to FreshDesk The single biggest advantage of this logging a support request is as simple as sending an email to . How easy is that?! You can also use the Support button on the left which has… Continue Reading

News: Submit your Pizazz powered site for a showcase

Even better than the new testimonials, we are setting up a showcase to show off the best examples of websites using the PizazzWP plugins. You can submit your site on the submissions page or in the form below. As always with these things, we can’t guarantee every submission will be included in the showcase.    … Continue Reading

News: Submit a testimonial

It’s about time we showed off some of the great testimonials we get. To that end, a page has been setup where you can submit testimonials directly or in the form below. Being a new feature, we are sort of jumping in the deep end, so there may be some kinks to iron out yet. Of… Continue Reading

Update: SliderPlus 1.3.2 with full width sliders

SliderPlus v1.3.2 is out and allows full width slideshows and quite a few other new features, changes and fixes. You can see a demo of the full width slideshow here: Other highlights of v1.3.2 are it supports the new  WordPress embedded videos from you local server, navigation can now be position over the slides, slideshows… Continue Reading

Update: ExcerptsPlus 3.4.1

ExcerptsPlus 3.41 has been released with quite a few changes. One of the bigger changes is the tabs in the Visual Editor for ExcerptsPlus have been re-organised. Hopefully they follow a more logical workflow. There’s a page in the guide highlighting the changes. Sorry for any confusion, but hopefully you’ll quickly adjust and see the… Continue Reading