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ContainerPro has been discontinued

ContainerPro has been discontinued. For those with ContainerPro already, support for it will be provided via the Headway forums.

ContainerPro served a very useful purpose for the last several months, but was only ever intended as a temporary solution – hence the low price.

Recently, Andy Neale of Headway Labs released a block that is like ContainerPro on steroids – and heaps more user friendly.


Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a block that does things such as allowing mixed blocks with the same background stylings.

Check it out on Headway Extend.


Updates to everything!

All five blocks received updates today. ContainerPro should appear in your WP updates within a day, and ExcerptsPlus, GalleryPlus, HeaderPlus and TabsPlus in the next couple of days once Headway gets them vetted and uploaded. Here’s some of the changes ExcerptsPlus v2.9.9.1206 CHANGED: Margin above bullets in slider is now 10px CHANGED: Added max-width to… Continue Reading