Architect v1.3 update released

Architect v1.3 has many enhancements and fixes, and should appear in your WP plugin updates in the next day or so.

The most significant is the slider engine (Slick) has been updated to v1.5.5. This has fixed several quirks with the old one and allowed some new features, including carousel layouts now work correctly.

Architect carousel

To make a slider into a carousel, simply set the Panels Across to greater than 1.

Architect panels across

Some of the change may have a small impact on your existing Blueprints, therefore:

  • Please check all sliders and tabbed layouts still display as expected. If not, edit their Blueprint and resave.
  • With the change of default Animation state to Off, you will need to set any Panels based animations back on.
  • Double check any custom CSS on Sliders & Tabbed navigation.

Buying Architect

Architect can be purchased from the Headway Extend store or the Pizazz Shop. Both sell the identical plugin and can be used with any theme. However, you will need to own Headway to buy Architect there.

Change log

Here is the complete change log:

1.3.0 25 June 2015

  • ADDED: Option to activate the Architect Builder on WP Pages editor. Off by default
  • ADDED: More links to documentation, forums and support
  • ADDED: Option to thumbs nav for continuous row of thumbs
  • ADDED: Several new options to titles and labels in navigator
  • ADDED: Option for horizontal nav items alignment to justify
  • ADDED: Option to make each whole panel link to the post or page.
  • ADDED: Options to shortcode and block to override taxonomy and terms. In shortcode eg:

    Architect Blueprint myblueprint not found

  • ADDED: Architect Builder page template with no sidebars
  • ADDED: Cropping option “Preserve aspect, fit to height”
  • ADDED: Sorting options of None and Specified. Specified uses the order of images in a gallery, or the order of specifically selected posts or pages
  • CHANGED: If no alternate animation set for Panels, will use the primary
  • CHANGED: Animations now can be turned off without having to unset their options
  • CHANGED: Simplified default title when creating a Blueprint from a Preset
  • CHANGED: Included classes in nav items to uniquely identify them
  • CHANGED: Links to support are now within the Blueprint editor
  • CHANGED: Defaults for nav item padding to 2px as % values causing problems with updated Slick and Firefox ignores the top and bottom when %
  • CHANGED: Option for nav skipper now includes None
  • CHANGED: Create blueprint function allows option to preserve shortname
  • CHANGED: Specific posts and pages can be manually ordered
  • CHANGED: Icons for the layout type selector
  • CHANGED: Licence owner name now displays on licence screen
  • FIXED: Slider navigation div showing when no nav and slick error
  • FIXED: Slick error when no nav
  • FIXED: Some custom fields not showing in dropdown (because of transients)
  • FIXED: Slick 1.5 various problems
  • FIXED: Licence check now works when Headway child theme being used
  • FIXED: Image cache not clearing when saving Blueprints
  • FIXED: Images no resizing correctly for the “Preserve aspect” options.
  • FIXED: Notice when displaying Testimonials
  • FIXED: Skip buttons showing on tabbed layout
  • FIXED: Blueprint title not being displayed
  • FIXED: Removed possible mobile detect lib conflict
  • FIXED: Title not being added to image link attributes when Title not shown.
  • FIXED: Bug sometimes where rotating a device would make images disappear
  • UPGRADED: Slider engine, Slick, to version 1.5. This fixes several problems, including: autoplay will loop to beginning after the last slide; Blueprints will no longer start at the largest height of slides in it; carousels now work (set columns to multiple).
  • UPGRADED: WOW.js to v1.1.2