Architect might not save all values on some WP sites – but not a bug!

Some WP users may find Architect does not save all values. This is not actually a bug in Architect, rather the way default PHP installations are configured with a limit on maximum variables that can be saved.

There are thousands of posts on this issue just in regards to WordPress around the internet!

Here’s a couple worth reading:

The very short answer is, if this is happening, you may need to increase the max_input_vars php.ini setting to 2000 or more. If that is too technical, contact your host.

It’s probably too technical to explain the whys and wherefores here but if you are displaying custom fields with Architect, you will almost certainly need to adjust that setting.

With WordPress used for much more than blogs and CMSes nowadays, this is an issue that is going to affect a lot of WordPress websites whether or not they are using Architect.