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Welcome to the PizazzWP add-ons for WordPress and Headway made to save you time and money.

  • Architect: An all-in-one content layout builder for making slider, grid, tabbed, masonry, accordion, and tabular layouts
  • SliderPlus: Theme-independent content slider
  • Swiss Army block: A collection of useful blocks for Headway sites
  • Codex:  Documentation system for any WordPress sites (coming soon – contact for a beta copy)
Architect 1.5 has half a dozen new features to make designing and laying out WordPress content even

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Architect 1.5 is here with Masonry filtering and sorting and more!
Architect for WordPress 1.4.7 is here with an option for fixed width panels; a new content type call

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Architect 1.4.7 is here and has three cool new features!
Architect for WordPress version 1.4.1 is here with around two dozen improvements and fixes. The m

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Architect v.1.4.1 released
Architect v1.3 has many enhancements and fixes, and should appear in your WP plugin updates in the n

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Architect v1.3 update released
Architect is an all-in-one content layout plugin for building dynamic, content driven layouts like sliders, galleries, grids, carousels, tabular, accordions, tabbed, masonry and more. Architect let
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PizazzWP SliderPlus is a clean and customizable slider with multiple content sources, including posts, pages, slides, full width slideshows and custom post types. It provides filtering by recent posts
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Swiss Army Block
Swiss Army Block is a collection of small blocks that each do one simple task in a Headway block form to make your life easier. Currently, it consists of nine blocks and two extensions: Blocks Aut
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